We develop "GRACE system" for an automatic calculation of cross-sections in elementary particle reactions.


We are developing several computing techniques in both symbolic and numerical method required in large scale calculations of cross-sections including higher-order corrections, and implementing these techniques into GRACE system.


Once input and output particles for a reaction are given by a specified physics model, Feynman diagrams related to the reaction are generated in GRACE based on the perturbative procedure in the field theory. At the same time program codes are generated for numerical computation.

In energy frontier accelerators such as LHC and ILC, it is expected to understand various physics phenomena and to detect unknown particles with enough precision. For this purpose, it is necessary to perform huge amount of calculations of a large number of reactions including higher order corrections with high accuracy.

To build up the automatic calculation system, which makes possible to do such big calculations, a wide range of research problems are indispensable to be solved in computational science as symbolic manipulation and numerical techniques.

The Standard Model and beyond in elementary particle physics have been addressed in decades and a lot of questions about the nature of the particles and space-time have been investigated. In comparing between theoretical predictions by these models and experimental results, both perturbative and non-perturbative methods should work in a complementary way. Under a such perception, research activities both on GRACE and Lattice QCD are continuing at KEK.

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