Research and development for an efficient and effective use of RDBMS

We conduct research and development for an efficient and effective use of relational database management system (RDBMS), named DBPowder.

Purpose and Vision

DBPowder is an O/R mapping framework for an ease-of-development of a database application. The description language is not only simple but also flexible.


The RDBMS is useful for managing the research and business data. The RDBMS is widely used, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Hitachi HiRDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. However, development with RDBMS is painful. One of the reasons is that it is difficult to design an appropriate relational schema without the technical expertise. Besides, it is complicated to develop an application with the relational schema. An O/R mapping framework such as Ruby on Rails is useful for reducing the complicacy. However, it is still difficult to design, develop, and maintain the relational schema and the application codes.

To solve the problem above, we propose and develop an O/R mapping framework, named DBPowder. DBPowder has a simple description language named DBPowder-mdl. The basic syntax is organized by an intuitive hierarchical structure. Furthermore, DBPowder-mdl is flexible enough by supporting association, delegation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

A developer describes DBPowder-mdl and (re)compile it. Then, DBPowder code generator generates the O/R mapping API codes.

DBPowder has been used in a real operation since 2006. We are making continuous improvements to release the framework.