Statistical method as Application of Physics Analysis and Simulation.

We study the statistical method as application to the physics experiments and numerical simulations.

Purpose and Vision

Based on the Bayesian statistics, we study the data analysis methods especially in high energy physics and accelerator experiments as well as numerically statistical analysis method.


In the recent high energy physics, the data become more and more complex and huge.

The computation methods to analyze such data become indispensable. Data analysis procedure in high energy physics is a kind of data mining. The datamining or information science has been developed based on the Bayesian method as the progress in computation technology.

As the application of the inference of the incident, we apply it to the luminosity spectrum measurement in the future high luminosity electoron-positoron linear collider. By using the exact statistical model for the electoron-positoron interaction and Bayesian method, we show that we can estimate the beam spectrum parameters more precisely than an ordinary method.