Liquid Argon time projection chamber(TPCA) is aiming to realize a high-sensitivity, large volume detector equipped with a liquid argon gas, which can be applied to various fields from particle physics to medical diagnosis.

Purpose and Vision

For an example of applications, as part of the next-generation positron emission tomography (PET) systems, it will provide much higher resolution images. PET is medical equipment that detects two gammas flying out in opposite directions as the result of electron positron annihilation near cancer cells. The current PET uses scintillator bars of 10 centimeters in length, giving spacial resolution on the order of centimeters. With the liquid TPC, this will be brought down to the order of millimeters or better.


A proposal for the new test-beam using 250 liter liquid argon TPC was approved as the J-PARC T49 test experiment.

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