FPIX is an X-ray deector using 64 chqnnel Si-APD(avalanche photodiode) linear arry.

Purpose and Vision

1. Ultra-fast signal processing : Sub-nanosecond width pulse & 10-GHz waveform sampling


2. Signal read-out for >103 pixels: Ultra-fast analog memory & Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics board

3. Fast-response X-ray detector: Si-APD linear array detector (ramdaT:100 ps)& two-dimensional detector with stacking the linear arrays.




A new circuit board for 64 channel Si-APD linear array detector was developed for us the 1 nano sec time-resolved X-ray experimants.

The circuit board consisted of an ultra-fast frontend application-specific integrated circuit (0.8-μm BiCMOS process), field-programmed gate array (Xilinx Spartan6), and hardware-based transmission control protocol processor for Gigabit Ethernet (SiTCP). We tested the performance of the multi-scaling measurements using the detector system at the Photon Factory beam line BL-14A.

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