Lab Tour


KEK is open for all people interested in science. No special knowledge of physics is required. Enjoy the world of the cutting-edge science and technology !

Visit time Weekday (Mon. - Fri.) 09:30〜12:00/13:00〜17:00
Minimum number of people Group of 10 or more
Reservation Needed (Please follow the instruction below)

How to apply the lab tour

Send an application form by e-mail

  1. Fill in an application form
  2. Send to


  1. Please send an application at least 3 weeks prior to your visit
  2. The reservation is on a first-come-first-served basis


  • Public Relations Office : For Lab Tour
  • +81-29-879-6048

Lab Tour Example

90min. tour

  1. Watch video : Introduction of KEK
  2. B-Factory
  3. Photon Factory

120min. tour

  1. Watch video : Introduction of KEK
  2. Exhibition : KEK Communication Plaza
  3. B-Factory
  4. Photn Factory