The Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium held in Vancouver

The Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium was held on December 14 and 15 at TRIUMF in Vancouver. The symposium was attended by approximately 60 researchers and administrators, of which 22 participants were from KEK, including Dr. Masanori Yamauchi, KEK Director General, and Dr. Yasuhiro Okada, Executive Director.

The participants of the Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium

This scientific symposium between the two institutes was initiated, since the symposium on accelerator and particle physics celebrating 80th Anniversary of Japan Canada diplomatic relations was held in 2008. Since then, it has been periodically held alternately in Japan and Canada providing an opportunity for an official communication including Directorates of the two institutes.
This time, the opening ceremony of KEK Office at TRIUMF took place in conjunction with the symposium.

On the first day, a series of talks were given on each research field and issues of public relations, which was followed by lively discussions. To begin with, progress and perspectives on the collaborative projects between KEK and TRIUMF were outlined by Dr. Johnathan Bagger, Director of TRIUMF and Dr. Yamauchi, respectively. After the introductory presentations, progress reports were made on particle physics experiments using muon, experiments on material science and Belle II Experiments.

Subsequently, research outcomes of each collaborative project were reported: the experiment of Ultra-Cold Neutron (UCN) in which ultra-cold neutrons were successfully produced for the first time in the world at TRIUMF in November of this year, neutrino experiments, accelerator development and nuclear physics, and public relations matter. Then, participants exchanged views over possibilities of future collaborations based on the reports.

Cerebrating the opening of the KEK Office at TRIUMF with ribbon cutting ceremony From the left Dr. Johnathan Bagger, Director of TRIUMF and Dr. Masanori Yamauchi, KEK Director General

The official opening event of KEK Office at TRIUMF took place, which included ribbon cutting by Dr. Bagger and Dr. Yamauchi, followed by visit to the room. Through the agreement concluded on December 2015 between the two institutes, the mutual branch offices at corresponding institutes were established. First, TRIUMF Office at KEK was open on May 2016 and with this ceremony, both offices were formally established. After the event, a lab-tour and parallel sessions including public relations matter were conducted.

On the second day of the symposium, a summary of discussion in each parallel session in the previous day was presented and a number of proposals for further collaborations were newly suggested there.
At the Directorate level meeting, considering such proposals, both Directorate members reaffirmed perspectives on further cooperation between KEK and TRIUMF.


TRIUMF TRIUMF hosts KEK symposium December 14-15, 2017