Prof. Yong Ho Chin Appointed to the Chair of ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel

November 17, 2016

Prof. Yong Ho Chin
Prof. Yong Ho Chin of KEK Accelerator Laboratory was appointed to the new Chair of ICFA (International Committee for Future Accelerators) Beam Dynamics Panel. This panel is one of committees under ICFA and it aims to encourage and promote international collaborations on beam dynamics studies for present and future accelerators.

"I believe that one of my tasks as the panel chair is to encourage more young students to get involved in the beam dynamics field as their major. I will discuss with chairs of large conferences such IPAC to give them more chances to present their works as oral presentations so that the community articulates that it values their beam dynamics works."

His term of office is about 3 years from October 2016 till the end of 2019. International collaborations in the field of beam dynamics are expected to be more active and productive by his leadership.

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