Users Office

Users Office

Place : KEK International Center
Office Hours : 9:00 - 17:00(Mon. - Fri.) Except national holidays and Dec.29 - Jan.3
Users Office provides some services to support researchers (users) to visit KEK.

Users Office Main Business

1. Provide information concerning daily life and answer inquiries.
2. Support for registering User registration
3. Reservation for dormitory rooms and apartments.
4. Handle room/lodging payment
5. Paperwork for official trip planning and calculation of travelling expenses
6. Provide KEK ID card, Renting a bicycle
7. Arrange wireless LAN
8. Support for conducting joint experiments
9. Offer side supports for experiments and various advisory committees
10. Paperwork for accepting researchers and undergraduate students
11. Support for applying and extending visa
(Except for the cases handled by another Division)
12. Support for some procedures related to stay
(City hall, bank account and Japanesedriver's license)
13. Support for school educational matter for user's family members
14. Support in case of emergency situations
15. Support for getting a medical treatment
16. Organizing get together and facility tours for users

A staff from Users Office would accompany a user to outside of KEK
if the situation necessitates.

Phone : 029-879-6197, 6135, 6136
Fax : 029-879-6137
e-mail :