KEK has the sports facilities such as a baseball ground, a softball ground, a soccer ground, 5 tennis courts, a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Please follow the rules below when using.

We created a Guidelines for users of Welfare Facilities to prevent the novel coronavirus infectious disease (PDF). Please be sure to take a look.

  • ● The sports facilities are available only for KEK staff members, visiting researchers and graduate students.
  • ● The business hours is 12:00-13:00 and 17:15-22:00 on weekday and 08:30-22:00 on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday.
  • ● When using on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday, please make a reservation in advance through the sports facility reservation system.
  • ● Please use the special sports shoes for each facility.
  • ● If you would like to use the lending equipment, please contact the Benefits Office (Ext. 5149/3007).
  • ● Please clean the equipment that you used after using.
  • ● Smoking is available only at smoking area.
  • ● When using fire and smoking, please pay close attention to handling of fire.

Athletic Facilities