Training of "Targeted Email Attacks"

KEK is doing the training of "Targeted Email Attacks" every year since 2014. KEK is going to do the training of "Targeted Email Attacks" for the KEK email account holders.
Because, according to the IPA report, "Targeted Email Attacks" keeps top rank of cyber security threats in these years. Many security incidents have occurred continuingly in Japan.

1. Schedule

Simulated targeted emails will be sent twice between December 1, 2017(Friday) and January 31, 2018(Wednesday).

2. Recipient

KEK is going to send an announcement to each account holder on November 20, 2017(Monday) in PostKEK/MailKEK mail system.

3. Action

Discard or ignore the simulated "Targeted Email" without opening the attached file(s) nor clicking the URL written in the mail. Although the simulated targeted emails don't affect your computer, you may receive REAL targeted emails.

4. Materials

Please read "Handling Suspicious Emails" in the following web site. Some points to distinguish "Targeted Email" are described there.

Handling Suspicious Emails(PDF)

5. Contact

IT Infrastructure and Security Division:
email: itsecseibi (at)