Open Soure Consortium (Open-It)


Open-It is a professional collaboration network for detection system R&D in accelerator and related sciences, and defined an activity as Inter-Unversity Research Institute Corporation. Research and development of detection system is necessary for observation of new phenomena. Many researchers are making an effort to be applied accelerator experiment and related field as well as other discipline at present. Collaborations of the researchers progress R&Ds in each science as well as growth of interdiscipline.

Young researchers frequently meet obstacles during R&D of detection system, because there are a lot of technologies in wide field (materials, processes, electronics, computer technologies and so on) and know-hows which are not on the papers. A set of the large amount of technologies and know-how for the R&D generates shortage of on the job training(OJT) for young researchers in a experimental project internally, and it blocks technology inheritance. Open-It solves the problem based on education(seminar, training and OJT) and accumulation of know-how in the network. Furthermore interactions of professionals create advanced technology for R&D of detection system. Open-It proposes an activation scheme of both research and education based on inter-unversity and inter-discipline network to researchers.

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