Slow Positron Facility

This is a facility to research the structure and functionality of materials using the slow positron beam generated by an electron beam from a linear accelerator (linac).

The poitron is the anti-particle of the electron. The Slow Positron Facility of the Photon Factory, equipped with a dedicated 55-MeV linac, provides a high intensity, pulsed slow positron beam. The beam is used for researches in solid state physics and atomic and molelcular physics.

The linac operates in a short-pulse mode and a long-pulse mode, at frequencies of up to 50 Hz. The intensity of the beam has been increased tenfold to 5 × 107 slow positrons/s in the long pulse mode after improving the converter/moderator assembly for producing slow positrons in 2010. The pulse width in the short-pulse mode operation became adjustable from 1 to 10 ns in 2011, while that in the long-pulse mode remains at 1 μs.