X-ray Topography Experimental Stationindex

Observations of strain fields and defects in crystalline materials

Instrument for white x-ray topography (BL-20B)


X-ray topography is a powerful method for observing dislocations, defects and strain-fields in crystals under/near the Bragg diffraction conditions. This method is applicable to both of organic and inorganic crystals for the estimation of the degree of crystallinity. The spatial resolution is usually determined by the resolution of the x-ray area sensor. For example, the spatial resolution is around 6 μm with x-ray CCD camera and around 1 μm with nuclear emulsion plate. X-ray topography has been widely used for the improvement of the production methods of high-quality crystalline materials and devices. Currently, wide-gap semiconductors such as SiC, GaN and diamond are intensively investigated by x-ray topography. Thanks to the high-brightness of the synchrotron x-rays, real-time observations of crystalline materials are also possible.

Beam Lines

BL-14B, BL-15B1, BL-15C