PF 2.5-GeV Ring

The light source contributing to various field of science

Experimental hall of PF 2.5-GeV ring

The 2.5-GeV PF ring is the first synchrotron light source which produce the X-ray regions in Japan. The synchrotron light was first successfully extracted in 1982. There are many beamlines around the elliptically-shaped storage ring accelerator.

Since its opening, continual improvement and development have been made to get more stable and brilliant light. In 2005, the 2.5-GeV PF ring had upgraded to increase the number of straight sections available for undulator and new beamlines with brighter light have been constructed every year since then.

The 2.5-GeV PF ring is one of the most stable light source around the world. The most of the beam time is operated with a top-up mode to maintain a steady beam current in the storage ring.

Plan view of PF 2.5-GeV ring

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