High-Pressure and High-Temperature Experimental Stations

Study of materials under the Earth's deep interior conditions.

Left: A laser heating DAC system in AR-NE1A Right: A large hydraulic press in AR-NE7A.


In the high pressure and high temperature world of the Earth's interior rocks nor minerals are no longer exist in the same form that is on the ground. They will be transformed to onother structure with higher densiity and different nature. (i.e. phse transition) However, it is impossible to observe it by digging a hole into the center of the Earth. Therfore, to create a high pressure and high temperature state we squeeze a sample in-between a pair of diamond (Diamond Anvil Cell), and irradiate the sample with Laser beam. Further, by pressurising and heating with a large hydraulic press, we are conductiong research to re-produce the same environment as the Eart's interior.

Beam Line