Low-level γ-ray spectrometer


Production rate measurements of radionuclides produced by nuclear reactions around accelerators are useful as an indicator for radiation intensity in accelerator room. Energies of γ-rays emitted from a radionuclide are characteristic for the radionuclide. Therefore, the production rates of the radionuclides can be determined by γ-ray measurements using a Ge detector. This spectrometer is a system which is combined a γ-ray spectrometer linking a Ge, NaI(Tl)s, and plastic scintillation detectors with a multi parameter system. The spectrometer can count γ-rays at much lower level than alone Ge detector system because γ-rays of particular nuclides can be selectively detected by using γ-γ, γ-X, γ-X-X, and γ-β+ coincidences.

The low-level γ-ray spectrometer at KEK