DTP(Detector Technology Project)

KEK is working on the R&D essential for the development of innovative high performance particle detectors. The target technologies, such as non-destructive inspection, will be valuable in various fields of study and also industry.

Not only for the field of elementary particle physics, but also the high energy laboratories in the world have been exploring every possibility for survival in the future. The key to success is the "technical capabilities" in various respects. Thus, the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK has been planning new developments of peripheral technologies for measuring instruments since FY2005. That is just the establishment of the KEK Detector Technology Project (KEK DTP). That may not be acceptable for the "orthodox" experimental researchers of elementary particle physics, but applications of technologies "over the wall of fields," described above, will also become increasingly important in the future.

There are a variety of fields to which technologies we have developed can be applied, such as measuring instrument systems in various fields related to the Institute of Materials Structure Science which is a laboratory in KEK, and applications related to nuclear medicine, such as PET equipment which was taken up at the workshop held in April. A project aiming at such a purpose has also been planned to start.

Detector Technology Project