IPNS Seminar

2019-08-29IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar : Higgs Boson decay as a probe to the unsolved mysteries in the Universe: dark energy, dark matter and missing antimatter 2019-09-26IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar : Google's quantum computer and pursuit of quantum supremacy 2019-09-27IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar : The MIDAS Data Acquisition System 2019-09-30IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar: The Muon g-2: experimental and theoretical progress 2019-10-01IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar : Deep Learning applications for the Large Hadron Collider 2019-10-01IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar:Using external knowledge in the deep learning framework 2019-11-06IPNS SeminarPhysics Seminar : Spin correlations and polarization in electron-positron annihilation into baryon-antibaryon pair 2019-12-12IPNS SeminarDetector Seminar:Tracking particles in space and time 2019-12-24IPNS SeminarDetector Seminar:The ITkPixV1 readout chip for the ATLAS ITk Pixel detector 2019-12-26IPNS SeminarDetector seminar : Performance and radiation damage studies of the ATLAS semiconductor tracker during LHC Run-2 2020-06-12IPNS SeminarInvited Seminar: The global SMEFT fit at e+e- Higgs factories 2020-07-10IPNS SeminarInvited Seminar: ATLAS getting ready for LHC Run-3 and preparations for HL-LHC Upgrade 2020-09-11IPNS SeminarInvited Seminar: Higgs and Searches results summary and developments in analysis techniques with machine learning