Year 2020

2020-01-07Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar( Prof. Sanefumi Moriyama ) 2020-01-14Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Tatsuhiro Misumi) 2020-01-21Conference/WorkshopInternational KEK-Cosmo and APCosPA Winter School 2020 2020-01-28Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar( Dr. Po-Yen Tseng ) 2020-01-30Conference/WorkshopSuperKEKB : Challenges for the high luminosity frontier 2020-01-30Theory SeminarKEK IPNS Cosmophysics Seminar(Dr. Tomomi Sunayama) 2020-02-03Conference/Workshop35th Belle II Collaboration Meeting 2020-02-04Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar( Dr. Matthew Dodelson ) 2020-02-06ACC SeminarRecent Developments in BNL Direct Wind Magnet Production 2020-02-07IMSS Seminar(19-03)Functional Antiferromagnets and their Encapsulation inside Carbon nanotubes 2020-02-10Conference/Workshop14th annual Belle PAC Review meeting 2020-02-10Conference/WorkshopWorkshop on Quantum Foundations: Measurement & Entanglement 2020-02-11Conference/WorkshopRecent Issues and Prospects on Quantum Theory 2020-02-18Conference/WorkshopKEK Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEK-PH2020) 2020-02-21ACC SeminarAccelerator projects and development of the accelerator technology 2020-02-24Conference/WorkshopThe School for Future Electron Positoron Colliders 2020-02-28Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Axel Perez-Obiol) 2020-03-07Conference/WorkshopKEK Workshop on Femtotechnologies by quantum computers in 2020