Year 2019

2019-01-09     A Brief on Future Colliders 2019-01-18     Theory Seminar(Prof. Yoshifumi Hyakutake) 2019-01-22     International KEK-Cosmo and APCosPA Winter School 2019 2019-01-29     Theory Seminar(Prof. Goro Ishiki ) 2019-02-04Conference/Workshop32nd Belle II Collaboration Meeting 2019-02-07     FCC positron source / Simulation of the Hybrid positron target 2019-02-07     Cosmophysics Seminar (Mr. Hirokazu Sasaki) 2019-02-11Conference/Workshop13th annual Belle PAC Review meeting 2019-02-12     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Monika Blanke) 2019-02-13     MTCA Based LLRF Control System Development at ESS 2019-02-14     6th KEK Flavor Factory Workshop (KEK-FF 2019) 2019-02-14     Cosmophysics Seminar (Prof. Kohei Kamada) 2019-02-19     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Masahiro Nozaki ) 2019-02-26     Theory Seminar(Mr. Hayato Hirai) 2019-03-04     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Keita Nii ) 2019-03-19     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Jung Chang) 2019-03-26     KEK Theory seminar( Prof. Fumihiko Sugino ) 2019-03-27     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Masazumi Honda) 2019-03-29     Status Update of the European XFEL 2019-04-08     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Pablo Soler) 2019-04-09     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. So Chigusa ) 2019-04-10     KEK Theory seminar( Dr. Mohab Abou Zeid) 2019-04-16     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Masatoshi Yamada ) 2019-05-14     KEK Theory seminar(Prof. Takeshi Morita ) 2019-05-17     Developments on Intra-bunch instability control - Recent Results from the Demonstration System at the CERN SPS 2019-05-23Conference/WorkshopBPAC Review on early phase 3 operations 2019-05-24Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Masayuki Asakawa) 2019-05-27Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Yoshitaka Hatta) 2019-05-28Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar( Dr. Yoshinori Matsuo ) 2019-06-03Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Naoki Yamamoto) 2019-06-04Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar( Prof. Hidenori Fukaya ) 2019-06-05Physics SeminarPhysics Seminar : The ESS neutrino Super Beam Design Study 2019-06-05Physics SeminarPhysics Seminar : The FREIA Laboratory and Accelerator Development in Uppsala 2019-06-17Conference/Workshop33rd Belle II Collaboration Meeting 2019-06-18Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar(Dr. Junsei Tokuda ) 2019-06-18物構研談話会Novel Positron Beam Instruments at NEPOMUC 2019-06-20Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Mark Barton) 2019-06-20Cosmophysics SeminarCosmophysics Seminar(Dr. Yu Sang) 2019-06-24Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar(Prof. Kazunobu Maruyoshi ) 2019-06-24Physics SeminarPhysics Seminar : Higgs Boson decay as a probe to the unsolved mysteries in the Universe: dark energy, dark matter and missing antimatter 2019-06-25Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Mr.Keisuke Yanagi ) 2019-06-26Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar(Dr. Andrew Lytle ) 2019-06-27Cosmophysics SeminarCosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Tomo Takahashi) 2019-07-02Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar(Dr. Hiroyuki Kitamoto ) 2019-07-04Theory SeminarKEK Theory Center (Dr. Yoshimasa Hidaka) 2019-07-08     The 23rd KEKB Accelerator Review Committee 2019-07-09Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Kouichi Hagino) 2019-07-11Cosmophysics SeminarCosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Shohei Saga ) 2019-07-16Theory SeminarKEK Theory Seminar ( Mr. Sota Nakajima ) 2019-07-16     Reinventing wheels 2019-07-22LectureTraining course on symmetry and group theory 2019-08-06Theory SeminarKEK Theory seminar(Mr. Hisashi Okui )