Cosmophysics Seminar

Cosmophysics Seminar (Prof. Sergei V. Ketov)

Start:2018/10/25 (Thu) 3:30 PM
End:2018/10/25 (Thu) 4:30 PM
Location:Kenkyu-Honkan 1F, Meeting Room 1

Speaker:Prof. Sergei V. Ketov (Tokyo Metropolitan University and Kavli IPMU)
Lecture:New supergravity framework and its applications to the early Universe cosmology


(ABSTRACT) in the first part of my talk I give a very simple introduction to the Dark Side of the Universe (cosmological inflation, dark energy and dark matter), and then briefly review its possible gravitational origin. In the second part of my talk I introduce the supergravity description of the Dark Universe and describe the new tools in the supergravity model building.

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