Knowledge Transfer at CERN

Start:2017/05/08 (Mon) 1:30 PM
End:2017/05/08 (Mon) 4:00 PM
Location:1F Seminar Hall, Building #4, Tsukuba-campus

Speaker:Giovanni ANELLI, the European Organization for Nuclear Research(CERN), Group Leader, Knowledge Transfer Group
Lecture:Knowledge Transfer at CERN
Contact:Junji URAKAWA(urakawa-AT-post.kek.jp)


After a short introduction to CERN, its mandate and its governance, the speaker
will present the activities of CERN's KT Group and the main channels CERN uses
to transfer its Knowledge and Technologies to society.
The main processes and initiatives of the KT Group will then be explained, also
through examples and success stories.

13:30-15:00 (Seminar)
15:00-16:00 (Discussion Time)

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