Accelerator Seminar

SRF technology development at Fermilab

Start:2017/03/03 (Fri) 1:30 PM
End:2017/03/03 (Fri) 3:00 PM
Location:Meeting room, 7F, 3-gokan building.

Speaker:Nikolay Solyak (Fermilab)
Contact:S.Michizono (PHS 4641)


Significant progress made in SRF technology in last two decades application for large scale accelerator projects, like XFEL, LCLS-IIcurrently under construction and commissioning. Recent Fermilab breakthrough studies on nitrogen doping and nitrogen infusion demonstrated that niobium cavity gradient and quality factor can be improved significantly. This development open door for wide application of SRF cavities in cw regime and very beneficial for cost reduction of high energy accelerators as ILC. In seminar we will discuss work done around work on SRF technology, recent results and R&D program.

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