Theory Seminar

Theory Seminar/ Dr. S. Tsutsui

Start:2016/10/13 (Thu) 1:30 PM
End:2016/10/13 (Thu) 2:30 PM
Location:Kenkyu Honkan Building 1F, Meeting Room 1

Speaker:Dr. Shoichiro Tsutsui (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
Lecture:Improvement in complex Langevin dynamics from a view point of Lefschetz thimble (in English)
Contact:Kamano (


We develop a way of improving complex Langevin dynamics motivated by the Lefschetz-thimble decomposition of integrals. In this talk, we consider the cosine model which has a global sign problem due to its multi-thimble structure. We show that the toy model can be modified so that the new model consists of a single Lefschetz thimble and the configurations sampled by the improved complex Langevin process are distributed around on the thimble.

S. T. and T. M. Doi, (arXiv:1508.04231) To be published in PRD.

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