Theory Seminar

Theory Seminar/Dr. Pascal Naidon

Start:2016/09/07 (Wed) 1:00 PM
End:2016/09/07 (Wed) 2:00 PM
Location:Kenkyu Honkan Building 1F, Meeting Room 3

Speaker:Dr. Pascal Naidon (RIKEN)
Lecture:From the Yukawa to the Efimov attraction
Contact:H.Kamano/ kamano-AT-


The Yukawa attraction (screened 1/r interaction) is known to arise between two particles exchanging bosons, such as nucleons exchanging mesons. On the other hand, at the three-body level, the Efimov attraction (1/r^2 three-body interaction) can emerge from resonant two-body interactions, leading to the existence of the famous Efimov three-body bound states. In this talk, I will first review the Efimov attraction from its theoretical discovery in 1970 to its most recent experimental confirmations. I will then show how the mediated interaction between two particles immersed in a Bose-Einstein condensate can go from the Yukawa attraction to the Efimov attraction.

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