Beam dynamics studies for the Hybrid Multi Bend Achromatic lattice of the ESRF-EBS 6GeV upgrade and future 3GeV storage rings

CategoryAccelerator Seminar
Start2016/07/06(Wed) 1:30 PM
End2016/07/06(Wed) 2:30 PM
Venue4-gokan bldg. 2F room 1
SpeakerSimone Liuzzo (ESRF)
ContactN.Nakamura (PHS 4918), K.Harada (PHS 4734)


In 2020 the ESRF storage ring will be upgraded to reduce the horizontal equilibrium emittance from 4nm to 0.135 nm. The talk will present the design of the ESRF Hybrid Multi Bend Achromatic lattice and the most relevant optimizations performed to minimize emittance and increase Touschek lifetime and Injection efficiency. Some preliminary studies on the application of the same studies to 3GeV HMBA cells are also presented.