Year 2016

KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Takahiro Terada) High Energy e+e- Factories (FCC-ee & CEPC) and Possibility of Circular Colliders KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Satoshi Shirai ) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Shigehiro Yasui) KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Gokce Basar) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Daniel Sudarsky ) KEK Theory Workshop 2016 KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Loriano Bonora) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Masato Taki) Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Katsuki Aoki) The 35th Quantum Information Technology Symposium (QIT35) KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki) MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring vacuum system: from development to operation KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Richard Ruiz) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Natusmi Nagata) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr.Olcyr Sumensari  ) Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Dr. Monojit Ghosh) Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Toshimi Suda) Theory Seminar/Dr. Murgia IMSS Seminar (16-04) Theory Seminar/Dr.Saitou IMSS Colloquium Theory Seminar/Dr.Hotta Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Koji Ichikawa) Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. M.O. Wascko) Theory Seminar/Dr. Yohei Saito 25th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) Theory Seminar/ Dr. S. Tsutsui Theory Seminar/Dr.feldmann Design, Fabrication and Test of Thermionic Electron Beam Emitter Assemblies Interaction Region Magnets for ILC in Japan, SuperKEKB and eRHIC at BNL KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Hiroyuki Shimizu) Theory Seminar/Dr.Maruyoshi Theory Seminar/ Prof. Takayuki Myo Theory Seminar/Prof. Takayuki Myo Theory Seminar/Dr. Pascal Naidon Cosmophysics Seminar/Dr.Motz Theory Seminar/Dr.Shimada KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Ryo Suzuki) Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC(Prof. Abhay Deshpande) Workshop on Prospects of Electron-Ion-Collider project Theory Seminar/Dr.Fuyuto KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Kazuki Sakurai) Theory Seminar/Wen Yin Theory Seminar/Kimura KEK Theory Seminar(Dr. Masazumi Honda) Transverse Beam Size Diagnostics using Brownian Nanoparticles Cosmophysics Seminar/Kinugawa Cosmophysics Seminar (Prof. Takahiro Tanaka) An overview of transverse and longitudinal beam measurements for CERN's present and future accelerators Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Yuko Urakawa) Theory Seminar/Yonekura Beam dynamics studies for the Hybrid Multi Bend Achromatic lattice of the ESRF-EBS 6GeV upgrade and future 3GeV storage rings Theory Seminar/Franceschini SuperKEKB commissioning seminar Theory Seminar/Prof. Vladimir Gudkov Theory Seminar/M.Yamada Theory Seminar/Dr. Yuki Yokokura Theory Seminar/Dutta Theory Seminar/Liew Theory Seminar/Dr. Kato SuperKEKB injector laser photo-cathode RF gun workshop Theory Seminar/Kim Theory Seminar/Kawai SAD Seminar on some details Theory Seminar/Yamada IMSS Seminar (16-02) Future Circular Colliders Theory Seminar (Dr. Masamichi Miyaji) Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Yves Schutz) The 2015 eRHIC Ring-Ring Design Theory Seminar/Ema Current status of cavitites, couplers, cryomodules for Euro-XFEL at DESY FCC-ee beam optics & matching with synchrotron motion Theory Seminar/Naruko SuperKEKB commissioning seminar IMSS Seminar (15-15) IMSS Seminar (15-14) Biological big-data analysis with deep mathematical modeling Status of CEPC Accelerator (Physics) Study KEK Theory Seminar(Dr. Hiroyuki Kitamoto) IMSS Seminar (15-12) Beta-detected NMR: a "new" probe for nano science KEK-PH 2016 IMSS Seminar (15-13) Status of Novosibirsk FELs (FEL-1, FEL-2, FEL-3) based on four track ERL KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Chen-Pin Yeh) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Yuichiro Tada) KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Nobuhito Maru) KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Nilakash Sorokhaibam) New Physics Forum (Muon) Theory Seminar (Dr. Taksu Cheon )