Accelerator Seminar

Accl. and CSC Seminar "LHC present status and future plans"

Start:2015/10/15 (Thu) 4:00 PM
End:2015/10/15 (Thu) 5:00 PM
Location:4-go-kan Bldg. 1F 127

Speaker:Ezio Todesco (CERN TE-MSC)
Contact:Nakamoto Tatsushi (PHS:4060)


We will give an overview of the present status of LHC operation in Run II, and the outlook for the next years. Then we will present the HL LHC project aiming at an upgrade in luminosity for the years 2025-2035. We will conclude with a short summary of the main goals of the FCC (Future Circular Collider) studies, with a target of 100 TeV hadron collisions for the 2035 horizon.

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