Accelerator Seminar

Accelerator Seminar - A design of beam optics for FCC-ee

Start:2015/08/04 (Tue) 9:30 AM
Location:Meeting Room Large, Bldg#2 1F, KEK

Speaker:Katsunobu Oide
Language:その他/Not specified
Contact:Haruyo Koiso (PHS:4256)


FCC-ee is an electron-positron circular collider to cover the CM energy from below 91 to 350 GeV. This talk introduces a design of beam optics which satisfies the dynamic aperture required by the goal of the luminosity. It also realizes the crab waist scheme by "virtual crab sextupoles", embedded in the local chromaticity correction system. Several unsolved issues will be presented.

(Seminar Language: Japanese or English)

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