Theory Seminar

Theory Seminar/Rinaldi

Start:2015/07/28 (Tue) 3:00 PM
End:2015/07/28 (Tue) 4:00 PM
Location:Kenkyu-Honkan 3F, Seminar Room 322

Speaker:Dr. Enrico Rinaldi (Lawrence Livermore National Labs)
Lecture:New first-principle lower bound on the axion mass
Contact:Guido Cossu/


The Strong CP Problem can be resolved by introducing an additional global symmetry known as Peccei-Quinn symmetry. Once PQ symmetry is broken the associated particle, the QCD axion, is a plausible dark matter candidate. Calculating the cosmological energy density of the axion requires nonperturbative QCD input---the high-temperature topological susceptibility. I will show results from a pure-glue calculation and examine the implications for the axion mass and coupling. A lower bound on the QCD axion mass can be derived from first principles.

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