Theory Seminar

Theory Seminar/Ishida

Start:2015/07/08 (Wed) 11:00 AM
End:2015/07/08 (Wed) 12:00 PM
Location:Building4, room 345 at 3rd floor

Speaker:Dr. Hiroyuki Ishida (Shimane University)
Lecture:Higgs inflation in a singlet extension of the standard model
Contact:Kei Yamamoto/


Inflation is the most plausible mechanism to resolve several
cosmological problems in the early universe. Higgs inflation
is clearly the most economical possibility. The original
Higgs inflation, however, requires quite a huge coupling
between the Higgs field and the gravity, named the
non-minimal coupling. We propose a model with a right-handed
neutrino and a Z_2 odd real scalar field, which can account
for tiny neutrino masses and the dark matter. We show that
our model gives the non-minimal coupling of around 10,
consistent with the recent Planck observation. Furthermore,
we show that the masses of the right-handed neutrino and
the dark matter are not seriously constrained by the
observed value of the tensor-to-scalar ratio.

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