KCG Seminar - Channeling electrons and positrons at SLAC

Start:2015/06/05 (Fri) 1:30 PM
End:2015/06/05 (Fri) 3:00 PM
Location:KEKB Control Building Meeting Room

Speaker:Mr. Uli Wienands (SLAC)
Contact:Y Funakoshi


Within the last two years, a SLAC-Aarhus-CalPoly-Ferrara collaboration has conducted channeling experiments with electron beams at the End Station A Test Beam as well as with electron and positron beams at FACET. The experiments have yielded data on electron channeling as well as the volume reflection process in a little-explored energy range that challenge some of the energy-scaling relations used up to now. E212, using a 20 GeV positron beam at FACET, provided rather stunning evidence for oscillations in the dechanneling tail confirming predictions for very high-energy protons but seen here for the first time in a high-energy beam. The collaboration is now expanding its scope towards gamma-ray production with the possibility of a crystalline undulator structure suitable for narrow-band generation of gamma-rays with electron beams. In this talk I will cover the fundamentals involved as well as the experiments and the latest results and what is up next.

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