Accelerator Physics Seminar

A Two Particle Model for Study of Effects of Space-Charge Force on Beam Instabilities.

Start:2015/05/28 (Thu) 1:30 PM
End:2015/05/28 (Thu) 2:30 PM
Location:Meeting room, 5F, 3-go-kan Bldg.

Speaker:Prof. Yong Ho Chin
Contact:D.Zhou (Phone: 4932) K. Ohmi (Phone: 4413)


In this talk, I present a new two particle model for study of beam instabilities
in the presence of the space-charge force. It is a simple expansion of the
well-known Chao's two particle model for a strong head-tail instability and
is still analytically solvable. The 3-dimensional contour plot of the growth rate
as a function of the wake field strength and the space-charge tune shift
reveals stopband structures.

Many simulation results generally indicate that beam instability can be
damped by a weak space-charge force, but the beam becomes unstable
again when the space charge force is further increased. The new two particle
model qualitatively explains these behaviors.

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