KEK素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー(Prof. Chen-Pin Yeh)

  • 分類 理論セミナー
  • 開始 2016/02/02(火)11:00
  • 終了 2016/02/02(火)12:00
  • 会場 研究本館1階会議室3
  • 講演タイトル Holographic Description of Negative Energy in Squeezed States
  • 講演者 Prof. Chen-Pin Yeh (National Dong-Hwa U., Taiwan)
  • 言語 英語/English
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Using the AdS/CFT duality, we study the properties of negative energy in strongly coupled field theories with the general dynamical scaling. The gravitational wave propagates in the Lifshitz background is dual to the squeezed state in the quantum critical theories. The energy density to leading order in the squeezed parameters can oscillate between negative and positive values with the sub-leading term which is always positive and time independent. We showed that this is consistent with the quantum interest conjecture and satisfies the average null energy condition. And we found a constrain on the duration of negative energy.