Few new insights into $ar{K}N$ interaction

  • 分類 理論セミナー
  • 開始 2015/04/23(木)16:00
  • 終了 2015/04/23(木)17:00
  • 会場 研究本館3階セミナールーム322
  • 講演タイトル
  • 講演者 Dr. Vojtech Krejcirik (理研)
  • 言語 英語/English
  • 連絡先 尾崎 翔、Sho-AT-post.kek.jp
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In this talk, I will report on the recent progress in the analysis of meson-baryon interaction in the strange sector. In the first part, the EFT motivated model taking into account both L=0 and L=1 partial wave will be presented. The model aims at a uniform treatment of both $Lambda(1405)$ and $Sigma(1385)$ resonances both in vacuum and in the nuclear medium. The second half of the talk will be devoted to the discussion of lattice QCD approach (HAL QCD approach, in particular) to the problem.