Theory Seminar

KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Yamazaki

Start:2017/08/18 (Fri) 1:30 PM
End:2017/08/18 (Fri) 2:30 PM
Location: Kenkyu Honkan 3F, Seminar Room

Speaker:Dr.Masahito Yamazaki (Kavli IPMU)
Lecture:From 4d Yang-Mills to 2d CP^{N−1} model: IR problem and confinement at weak coupling
Contact:Masafumi Kurachi/ 


It has been a long-standing problem to analytically prove confinement
of pure Yang-Mills theory. One possible scenario is to start with the
weakly-coupled region, obtain the trans-series expansion with respect
to gauge coupling constant, and then continue back to the
strongly-coupled region, with the help of mathematics of "resurgence".
The program has been pursued mostly on the geometry R^3 x S^1, however
there the trans-series expansion could be spoiled by IR divergences.
In this talk we discuss
4d SU(N) Yang-Mills theory on R×T^3, with twisted boundary condition
eliminating IR zero modes. By connecting the 4d Yang-Mills theory to
2d CP^{N-1}-model, we find that the fractional instantons connecting N
vacua of the CP^{N-1}-model dynamically restores center symmetry. This
talk is based on arXiv:1704.05852, in collaboration with Kazuya

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