Accelerator Seminar

Beam dynamics simulations with the PyHEADTAIL and PyECLOUD macroparticle codes

Start:2017/07/05 (Wed) 1:30 PM
End:2017/07/05 (Wed) 3:00 PM
Location:3rd build, 7F, Meeting room.

Speaker:Michael Schenk (CERN)
Contact:Yong Ho Chin (PHS 4686)


This seminar will introduce the structure, ongoing developments,usage, and applications of PyHEADTAIL, a 6D macroparticletracking code developed at CERN. At its core, PyHEADTAIL is amodular and easy-to-maintain Python implementation of theHeadtail code which was originally written at CERN by GiovanniRumolo and designed to study collective effects in circularaccelerators. In the second part of the seminar, the combineduse of PyECLOUD together with PyHEADTAIL will be introducedand explained. PyECLOUD models the formation of charged particleclouds (mainly electrons) as well as their interaction withparticle beams.

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