Accelerator Physics Seminar

Status of CEPC Accelerator (Physics) Study

Start:2016/03/09 (Wed) 3:30 PM
End:2016/03/09 (Wed) 4:30 PM
Location:Meeting Room at KEKB control building

Speaker:Dr. Yuan ZHANG (IHEP)
Contact:Zhou Demin (Tel: 4932) Ohmi Kazuhito (Tel: 4413)


Dr. Yuan ZHANG-san from IHEP of China is now a short-term visitor at the accelerator theory group, KEK. We would like to announce that he will present a seminar on "Status of CEPC Accelerator (Physics) Study".

The CEPC will be introduced briefly. It is focused on some advances after PreCDR, such as the pretzel scheme design, IR optimization and general dynamic aperture optimization. Since the required luminosity at Z-pole is nearly same as that of Higgs, the machine parameters are also optimized for a (partial) double ring scheme. The preliminary design are also shown.

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