Theory Seminar

Theory Seminar/Yoshida

Start:2015/07/07 (Tue) 11:00 AM
End:2015/07/07 (Tue) 12:00 PM
Location: Kenkyu-Honkan 3F Seminar room 322

Speaker: Kentaroh Yoshida (Kyoto University)
Lecture: Towards the gravity/CYBE correspondence
Contact:Tadashi Okazaki/


Abstract: We present a systematic way to consider integrable
deformations of the AdS5xS5 superstring. It is based on classical r-
matrices satisfying classical Yang-Baxter equation (CYBE). Then a
classical r-matrix gives rise to a gravitational solution that describes
a deformed AdS5xS5 geometry. In this seminar, we provide some examples
including the Lunin-Maldacena backgrounds for beta deformations of N=4
super Yang-Mills, the Maldacena-Russo backgrounds for non-commutative
gauge theories, and Schrodinger spacetimes dual for cold atoms.

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