Come to KEK

For users / collaborators

KEK welcomes thousands of scientists from hundreds of laboratories and institutions around the world who use KEK's world-class infrastructure and user facilities to perform cutting-edge research. The following pages should help you to get prepared for a stay at KEK.

For visitors

KEK invites you to experience the world of smallest particles, the origin of the universe, and the mystery of matter and life. Find out how you can get in touch with one of the most advanced science and technology.

How to reach KEK

KEK has two locations, one in Tsukuba and one in Tokai. In Tsukuba you will see the research centre with different accelerator facilities and unique light sources. J-PARC, located in Tokai, is a proton accelerator complex, pursuing unique researches with the highest beam power in the world. 


Tsukuba campus map with Bldg. Number index.
Users Office, Library, Accommodation, Medical-Care, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Grocery, Barber shop, etc.